A range of goodies specifically designed for the Leanne Baker Daily planner. All stickers in the Full Box section also have LBD size options.

You can order your LBD Planner, Notepads + Stickers - PADTASTIC

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Renew | Eucalyptus Decorative Stickers
Resilience | Succulent Decorative Stickers
Aspire | Mandala Decorative Stickers
Sustain | Wood Decorative Stickers
Elevate | Chevron Decorative Stickers
Nourish | Floral Decorative Stickers
2020 Patterned LBD Plan Time Stickers
Clip In Page Markers | 5 Word Options
CUSTOM Clip In Page Marker
Leanne Baker Daily Checklists | STARS
Leanne Baker WEEKLY Checklists | STARS
LBD Long Checklists | STARS
Leanne Baker Daily Checklist | HEARTS
Leanne Baker WEEKLY Checklists | HEARTS
LBD Long Checklists | HEARTS
Leanne Baker WEEKLY Checklists | ASTERISKS
LBD Long Checklists | ASTERISKS
Zone Cleaning Label Stickers
Project 14 Label Planner Stickers
Project 14 SCRIPT Stickers
Set Me Up Sunday Stickers
15 Minute Tidy Up Flag Stickers
15 Minute Tidy Up LBD Stickers
Script 15 Minute Tidy Up Stickers
CUSTOM LBD Menu Page Header
CUSTOM LBD Weekly Page Column Headers
CUSTOM LBD Section Header Stickers
Patterned 2019 LBD Plan Time Stickers
Thrive Decorative Stickers
Stripes | Endeavour Decorative Stickers
Morocco | Abundance Decorative Stickers
Monochrome | Foundation Decorative Stickers
Flourish Decorative Stickers
Take Flight Decorative  Stickers
Sleep, Water, Step Stickers
Yearly Tracker Chart Sticker
40 results