Hi, I'm Leanne - A mum of 2 and a FIFO wife based in Perth, Australia. Lime And Mortar ® opened in December 2014 and was one of the very first and now oldest Australian planner shop. I'm a huge lover of plants and chocolate!

Here you will find a huge range of functional, decorative and custom stickers to suit a wide range of planners. All stickers are printed on high quality premium matte paper.

Home to a range of 3 unique planners  Lime Weekly, Lime Mini Weeks + Lime Daily. PLUS my very own Monochrome Stationery Range.

Sticker orders are sent out in green envelopes lovingly known as ‘Lime Mail’™.

I love to see your Lime Mail and your planner/stickers in use so come share them in the VIP group or tag me on Instagram!

Instagram: @limeandmortar
Facebook: /limeandmortar
VIP Group: /LimeMailLovers

Enjoy your Lime Mail!
Leanne xx