Hi, Im Leanne - A mum of 2 and a FIFO wife. Lime And Mortar opened in December 2014 and was one of the very first Australian planner sticker shops.

Here you will find a huge range of functional and decorative stickers to suit a wide range of planners. The majority of the functional stickers have the option of bright rainbow, soft pastel and black. All stickers are printed on high quality premium matte paper.

You may notice the Lime Girl and Lexi products which are unique to Lime And Mortar. The Lime Girl logo is based on me and Lexi is my French bulldog. I send out orders in green envelopes known as ‘Lime Mail’.

I love to see your Lime Mail and your stickers in use so come share them in the VIP group or use hashtags #limeandmortar and/or #limemail on Instagram!

Instagram: @limeandmortar
Facebook: /limeandmortar
VIP Group: /LimeMailLovers

Enjoy your Lime Mail!
Leanne xx